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Published on: 29 July 2022

MB 250/50 Combination Safety Shower and Eyebath

Matcon Safety Showers and Eyebaths, safety in all occasions
Where people work with chemical substances, there is always a chance that employees or other people come in contact with these hazardous substances. A Safety Shower could be a life saver in these situations or severe injuries can be avoided. Also safety glasses cannot give always enough protection and in case of an incident an Eyebath can avoid damage to the vision of a person or limit the damage as much as possible. An investment in Safety is an investment in life and quality of life. Visit our Safety Showers page.


MB 100 W3Small mistakes can have large consequences

An accident always happens unexpected and doesn’t need always to involve employees only. When you think of guided business tours which are held on a factory premises for people from outside the company. In order to offer a solution in all cases we have developed our range of Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebaths, but also our portable / transportable Safety Showers and Eyebaths. The presence of only a Safety Shower or Eyebath in order protect people against chemical aggressive fluids / gases and substances is not enough of course. Therefor you will find also a comprehensive range of Protective Clothing as well with Matcon, which we manufacture as well.

MB 30A


Matcon Safety Showers and Eyebaths, guarantee for Safety and Quality

Matcon develops and manufactures Emergency Safety Showers / Drench Showers and Eyebaths / Face Wash Fountains and Decontamination Showers according to the latest safety standards and strict production rules. The Safety Showers and Eyebaths can be made out of several materials, like f.e.; Galvanized steel, Stainless Steel, Etc. depending where the Showers will be positioned. Further we have a wide variety of options to complete your Safety Shower or Eyebath in a way you like to have it configured. We have f.e. also the Chem – Buster® Portable Decontamination Shower or our inflatable Chem – Buster® Portable Decontamination Shelter (tent) with integrated Shower in our program. We have also solutions for Flame Proof / ATEX situations.

With more than 40 years of experience you can find a solution for every situation and/or challenge. We can also manufacture on client specifications, so we can supply a solution for every situation. Do you like to be informed further? Please contact us in a non-binding way and profit from our specialist knowledge in the field of Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebaths / Face Wash Fountains or Decontamination Showers or Protective Clothing. We will endeavor to assist and service you the whole life span of our products in order to keep you satisfied and protect you for 100%.

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