The many possibilities of Matcon Tank Showers

Published on: 12 August 2022
Matcon Tank shower MB 500

Matcon Tank Showers contain a wide variety of possibilities which results in Matcon Tank Shower implementations for many situations. In this blog entry we describe the many product options and implementations of this type of Safety Shower.

Independent Safety Shower

The Tank Showers from Matcon are a self-supporting Safety Shower and Eyebath. The reservoir on the upper part will be filled with water and can be heated or cooled (chilled). Many options are possible, so that you can obtain a unit as you require. The Tank Showers, are just as our other models Safety Showers and Eyebaths, to be able to be supplied Flame proof /ATEX, but also as a Normal zone unit.

Tank Showers can be installed onto a fixed water supply, but this is not really necessary. When the reservoir is filled, the Tank Shower is operational and ready for use. Again a fixed water supply is not a necessity, but you have to make sure that the reservoir is filled.

Reservoir content

The Matcon Tank Showers are available in different sizes and content. Standard we have Tank Showers in our program with a content of; 350 / 800 / 1000 / 1250 / 1500 / 1600 and 2200 liter. An desired other content is always possible to discuss with us.


The Tank Shower scan be supplied with an immersion heater which makes sure that the water will be brought to a pleasant temperature and also makes sure that de unit is also Frost protected and suitable for outdoor use. We also have the possibility to supply a unit for warm climates (like tropical climates). Herewith we are able to cool down the temperature of the water, by means of a “chiller” so that in these cases also a pleasant water temperature can be guaranteed. The Tank Shower scan be cooled (chilled) for warm environments and be heated for cold environments. Also for extreme surroundings.

Highest standards

All our Safety Showers / Emergency Showers / Body Showers or Drench Showers / Deluge Showers Eyebaths / Face wash fountain do comply to the highest standards like among others; CE EN 15154, but also the ANSI Z358.1 and the DIN 12899 part 1 – 3, etc.

Anti bacterial growth systems

Also against Bacterial growth (as well as E-Coli and Legionella) we have several systems in our program. With Tank Showers we have f.e. : automatic flush systems, powders, fluids and a Regenerating Filter. With one of these systems you have a safe system to your possession.

Wide variety of product options

A wide range of options for the Tank Showers are available, so that you can compose a Tank Shower exactly in the way you require. You can think of f.e.; Panel type foot control, Drain sump, Light, Hand held (Eye) Shower, Thermometer (visual temperature indication), Arrow (visual level indication), Walls (so a cabin exists), Proximity Switches, PVC strip screens or two swinging doors in the entrance, Electronic temperature and level alarm, Local alarm, Etc.


The Eyebath with the hinged lid which is at the same time the operation can be mounted on the outside of one of the walls, but can also be installed inside the cabin. When the lid is pulled backwards the water starts running immediately and stops of course when the lid is closed. On the inside of the lid a mirror is present.

The water supply pipes in the Tank Shower to Body Shower / Eyebath / Hand held Eyebath / etc. drain empty after usage and there will be no danger for frost or bacterial growth in these supply pipes. Standard a test handle and Signs are present on the Tank Shower. Matcon has also an Arctic version Tank Showers for extreme cold environments.

Various colors

The Tank Showers are available in different colors. You can give us your desired RAL color code and we can manufacture the Tank Shower exactly in the way you desire the Tank Shower. Standard we supply the Tank Shower in the color green, but again other color possibilities could be; white, yellow, orange, red, etc.

The frame of the Tank Shower is of course very strong and is calculated for the strength of weather influences.

In short a Matcon Tank Shower is a complete compact unit and very effective.

Matcon has a lowest Price guarantee! But a high Quality level will be maintained.

Inform to your possibilities and you will be positively surprised.

Matcon is manufacturer of a complete and comprehensive program Safety Showers / Emergency Showers / Body Showers or Drench Showers / Deluge Showers Eyebaths / Face wash fountain / Decontamination Showers, but also Protective Clothing. All thinkable models are present in our production program. We are flexible and 99% of the requirements of the customers appears to be feasible.

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