Why buying a Safety Shower and/or Eyebath, if you need this only temporary?

Published on: 20 August 2022
MB 250/50 Combination Safety Shower and Eyebath

When you need only for a specific period of time a Safety Showers / Emergency safety Shower / Body Shower or Drench Shower & an Eyebath / Facewash Fountain and afterwards you don’t need it anymore, than it could be waste to buy such a unit. An unnecessary investment in our point of view and we offer you the possibility to rent a safety Shower and / or Eyebath for a specific time with us.

So you are able to work in a safe way, without making a large investment and it will save you money!

Various models for rent

Our rental program is comprehensive and we have several models available for you. You can think of f.e.;
• Mobile Safety Showers and Eyebath Standard with a content of; 9 / 19 / 150 and 1500 Liter
• Tank Showers Standard with a content of; 1250 Liter, but other contents are negotiable
• Ordinary Safety Showers and Eyebaths
• Etc.

If you require another model or you wish a different content please let us know.

Matcon Tank shower tankdouche MB 500

Matcon Tank shower  MB 500

MB 28 OD Mobiele Nood- en Oogdouche Vorstbeveiligd (RVS)

MB 28 mobile shower

Matcon MB 26 Mobiele Oog- en Gezichtsdouche

MB 26 mobile shower

Easy to carry

With the Matcon Mobile systems you can take the unit easily with you to a changing working spot so that you have adequate facilities with you in order to work in a safe way! But also temporary mobile systems in a form of a Tank Shower could be a solution.

Also systems without water content

MB 22

MB 22

We have also mobile/transportable systems without water self-contained content, our model MB 22, which is easy to connect to a fixed water supply or to be used as a satellite with our model MB 23 of 24 mobile station with a content of 1500 Liter or bigger. The MB 22 has a solid basic frame zo that the safety Shower will remain standing firmly without the need for fixation to the ground.

Flushing a minimum of 15 minutes

The European standard CE EN 15154, but also f.e. the American standard ANSI Z358.1 prescribes that you need to rinse your Eyes or shower your body for at least 15 minute when you come in contact with a hazardous aggressive substance.

Various implementations

All these systems we have as well in a Flame Proof / ATEX version.

Also against Bacterial growth (bothl E-Coli as well as Legionella) we have various solutions in our program.

All our Safety Shower / Emergency Showers / Body Showers or Drench Showers / Deluge Showers Eyebaths / Face wash fountain do comply to the highest standards like among others; CE EN 15154, but also the ANSI Z358.1 and the DIN 12899 part 1 – 3, etc.

Wide range of options

A wide range of options for the Rental Safety Showers / Emergency Safety Showers / Drench Showers and Eyebaths / Face Wash Fountains are available, so that you can compose a Safety Shower and Eyebath exactly in the way you require. You can think of f.e.; Treadle type foot control, Light, Cabin/booth, Proximity switches, Etc.


The (Sub) large systems do have standard a MB 50 Eyebath with the hinged lid which is at the same time the operation. When the lid is pulled forwards the water starts running immediately and stops of course when the lid is closed. We also have Eyebaths / Facewash Fountains with an open Stainless Steel or ABS / Plastic bowl and dust covers on the diffusers. We also have hand held Eyebaths and we have the possibility to mount a black rubber eyecup on the diffuser with a hinged lid with sign.

In short Matcon Mobile / Transportable Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebath are a complete compact unit and very effective. Also with our Rental units. View our rental page for more information.

Matcon has a lowest Price guarantee! But a high Quality level will be maintained.
Inform to your possibilities and you will be positively surprised.
Matcon is manufacturer of a complete and comprehensive program Safety Showers / Emergency Showers / Body Showers or Drench Showers / Deluge Showers Eyebaths / Face wash fountain / Decontamination Showers, but also Protective Clothing.
All thinkable models are present in our production program. We are flexible and 99% of the requirements of the customers appears to be feasible.

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