Eyebaths / Face Wash Fountains

We have different models Eyebath / Face Wash Fountains from hand held Eyebaths, Face Wash Fountain to eyewash stations. There is an option for warm water. For laboratories we have various designs. Matcon manufactures hand held Eyebaths, Face Wash Fountain and eyewash stations (open bowl, hinged lid or no bowl) which are suitable for outdoor (frost protected), and also in warm tropical situations (chilled)!

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More information

Eyebath / Face Wash Fountains must be reached within 10 seconds (in the case of acids is even 6 seconds). The recommended flushing time is 15 minutes. It is obvious that they can be used with cold water. Its also understandable that a spraying time of 15 minutes is difficult to achieve. The latter has Matcon found a solution using the patented unlimited Hot Water heater “Thermae” which to safely generate nice warm water (approximately 25°C) for the Eyebath. Also a Tank Shower or Boiler unit can play a significant role here.