Safety showers

Matcon is manufacturer of a complete program of Safety Showers. These Showers comply fully to the highest standards. We can produce Flame Proof / ATEX Safety Showers. We can make the products in various different materials like and all relevant options are available. We also have various systems against Bacterial growth (like E – Coli, Legionella). Matcon can also produce on client specifications! Lowest price guarantee, with retention of excellent quality.

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Safety Showers products are developed for in case a person has come into contact with an aggressive chemical / fluid / substance which is harmful to the human body and/or for the Eyes or Face. All our products comply fully to the highest standards of course, like f.e.; CE EN 15154, ANSI Z 358.1, DIN 12899 part 1-3, etc. We are also able to make the products according to Flame Proof / ATEX requirements. Decontamination Showers / Safety Showers & Eyebaths / Face Wash Fountains / Tank Showers / Boiler units, Mobile systems we can manufacture these for indoor or outdoor (Frost Protected and for Hot (Tropical) environments). We can make the products in various different materials like f.e.: Galvanized Steel with coating, Stainless Steel, GRP. We have more than 40 years experience. Last but not least the Price/Quality ratio is very good.

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