Combination showers

We have all options and models of Combination Safety Showers / Emergency showers in our production program. These are body shower in combination with Eye washes / Fountains (many models are possible including hand showers, without a bowl, with open stainless steel or plastic bowl with hinged lid (the lid is at the same time the operation of the Eyebath and made of plastic or stainless steel)). This ranges from simple systems to more complex and extensive systems. We can also manufacture to customer specification a model for you, so you – “tailor made” realize the most ideal situation within your company and safety optimized. For wall setups you can visit our category Laboratory showers.

View interactive 3d model

Click on the blue buttons to see unique and detailed interactive 3d models of the MB 250 or 150 series. With this you can have a 360 degrees view of the MB 250 or 150 series and the most relevant product options.

Click on the orange button to view our instruction videos in which we explain how the safety showers are installed and used.

Use our Selection Aid to determine the right Eyebath/Facial Shower / Safety (Emergency) Shower / Body Shower and/or Combination Shower.

Selection Aid

Do you want an indoor setup or an outdoor setup? An outdoor setup for a cold environment is frost-protected. An outdoor setup for a warm environment is tropical.

The results on the base of your answers: