For all models Emergency Safety Shower / Body Shower, Eyebath / Face Wash Fountain, decontamination showers, we are able to provide. all imaginable options. This may be a simple foot pedal, but also, for example an electronic alarm for temperature, pressure, and level.  When your desired option is not listed, please inform us, we will find you the desired solution.A few of the possibilities:

  • foot pedal
  • panel type foot control
  • sign
  • Heater or Chiller for cooling in areas with a warm climate (tropical conditions)
  • cabin / booth
  • light
  • proximity switch (see our instruction video)
  • automatic flushing unit (including timer)
  • anti-bacterial growth system
  • Local alarm. Both visually and acoustically
  • Reflecting or non-reflecting signs (see our 3d model)
  • Etc.
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Use our Selection Aid to determine the right Eyebath/Facial Shower / Safety (Emergency) Shower / Body Shower and/or Combination Shower.

Selection Aid

Do you want an indoor setup or an outdoor setup? An outdoor setup for a cold environment is frost-protected. An outdoor setup for a warm environment is tropical.

The results on the base of your answers:

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It is too much to mention all imaginable options here but ask about  our options! Per model often has a number of options, for some reason your desired option is not listed, please let us know and we will sort this out for you. You can also view various product options in our unique interactive 3d model.