Air supplied complete suit with motor and filters (PAPR) (limited life use)

The Matcon line of air supplied protective clothing is a result of long research and developments. Independent studies / tests meet the stringent requirements of European CE regulations. The range consists out of a; hood, half suit (blouse) and full suit. The line of clothing is made in a wide rang... View full product description

All product options

  • Zipper options
    • Plastic zipper with double guide
    • Metal zipper with single guide
    • Liquid and gas tight zipper

All zippers are horizontal chest fixed and protected by a flap which can be loose, performed with velcro or performed with snaps, but the zip can also be positioned at the side or at the back.

  • Extra outer visor (0,5 mm with Velcro spots for connection or 0,2 mm with double sided tape)
  • Flow controller
  • Cooling of Heater of the air.
  • Available in different materials:
    • PVC, antistatic and flame retardant PVC, Neoprene, Hypalon, Butyl, Viton, MAT TECH (material with limited useful life), etc.
  • Visor options:
    • 1.5mm hard / rigid wide visor possibly with an additional cross visor
    • totally transparent flexible visor,  offers a 360° panoramic view 
  • Trouserleg options:
    • single plain leg
    • Elastic inner leg with elastic strap and a straight outer leg
    • Elastic inner leg with an elastic footstrap and elastic outside leg
    • Sock option with straight outer leg
    • Sock option with elastic outer leg
    • Solid safety boots with steel toe cap and midsole which are -permanently attached to the suit.


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