Boiler 5000 Stainless Steel walls FLUSH

Boiler 5000 with stainless steel walls available in various designs. Also in Flush (Washdown / CIP) quality, for example for the food industry or Clean rooms! Boiler unit which is suitable for outdoor (frost protected) or indoor installation. Finished with stainless steel walls in a stainless steel... View full product description
  • Suitable for outdoor installation (frost protected), but also for indoor installation
  • Warm water
  • Different versions possible!
  • Can be combined with Emergency shower and eye shower. Different versions possible. Also in stainless steel and eye shower with hinged lid which is also the operation.

All product options

  • Mixing valve
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation (frost protected)
  • More options available on request
  • Pump
  • Explosion Safe / ATEX version
  • Multiple versions of Emergency showers and Eye showers possible (also stainless steel)
  • Anti bacterial growth systems
  • Various alarms are possible, such as temperature and level alarm, but also alarm activation. Can also be combined with a local alarm.
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