Chem 300 Splash Suit

The Chem 300 is a chemically resistant one-piece work splash suit and is designed to protect the user against chemical emergencies where gas-tight protection is not considered necessary. The suit is made as one piece with integrated head section which has a frequency welded soft neoprene closure  i... View full product description
  • glove interchangeable system
  • unique Matcon cuff system
  • meets CE requirements
    - EN 14605 type 3 PB 3 and type 4 PB 4
    - EN 340

All product options

  • materials
    - PVC
    - anti static and flame retardant PVC
    - Neoprene
    - Butyl
    - Hypalon / Neoprene / Butyl
    - Viton Butyl on Polyester
    - Mat Tech
    - etc.
  • zipper options
    - plastic zipper with double guide with overflap
    - metal zipper with single guide with overflap
    - liquid-tight zipper
  • leg options
    - plain leg
    - elasticated inner leg with elasticated strap and a straight outer leg
    - elasticated inner leg with elasticated strap and an elastic outer leg
    - sock-option with straight outer leg- sock-option with elasticated outer leg
    - solid vinyl safety boots S5 with steel toe cap and midsole which are permanently attached to the suit
    - boots can be fixed to the suit



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