Dose Rate Alarm Lamp GWL 10m

Gamma warning lamp with adjustable alarm thresholds for room monitoring and for the determination of restricted areas.The GWL10m is an accumulator operated, self-contained dose rate alarm unit for the detection of gamma radiation and X-rays with four alarm thresholds, triggering optical and acoustic... View full product description
  • Kind of radiation gamma radiation / X-rays (DC installations)
  • Detector energy compensated GM tube
  • Measurand ambient dose rate equivalent Ḣ*(10)
  • Alarm thresholds 7.5 µSv/h, 25 µSv/h, 1 mSv/h, 10 mSv/h
  • Acoustic alarm > 93 dB(A) measured in 30 cm distance,
  • can be switched off
  • Energy range 40 keV up to 1.3 MeV
  • Temperature range -30°C up to +60°C
  • Power supply accumulator 
  • (operating time with fully charged accumulator approx. 48 hours, without acoustic alarm)
  • Housing aluminium combined with high impact plastic, 
  • protection class IP65
  • Dimensions/Weight (120 × 120 × 250) mm/ 2300 g (with accumulator)

All product options

  • robust tripod
  • special version with motion sensor triggering an acoustic alarm when a person approaches towards a danger zone with increased radiation level
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