GENERAL ID continuous warm water eyebath MB 50

The GENERAL CONTINUOUS WARM WATER EYEBATH MB 50 ID Eyebath / Face Wash Fountain with unlimited heated water (approximately 25°C) suitable for indoor use and floor mounting (wall mounting is also possible). This model has a 1¼” or 1" BSP standpipe and Floor mounting plate and is provided with the... View full product description
  • water connection:½” BSP Male or 15 mm compression fitting or different on your request
  • water pressure minimum 2 bar maximum 8 bar
  • water supply: 12 liter per minute
  • manual operation, color: different colors possible, standard green / white
  • Instanteneous heater: mechanical control, more influenced by pressure differences, heater meets CE standards
  • material: galvanized steel, Stainless Steel, brass, plastic
  • dimensions 320x320x1250 mm (WxDxH)
  • Floor mounting plate 150x150 mm, 4 holes (Ø 15 mm) H.t.H. 100 mm
  • meets the following standards: CE EN 15154 & ANSI Z 358.1 

All product options

  • foot pedal
  • proximity switch
  • automatic flushing unit
  • cabin / booth
  • flow regulator
  • filters
  • light
  • sign
  • hand held shower
  • black rubber eye cups
  • Y-strainer filter
  • mixing valve
  • panel type foot control
  • thermostat
  • more options on request
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