Magnetic Field measurement MP-1000

Mp-1000 is a handly universal instrument for measuring all magnetic fields, intended for fast , onsite measurements: Measurement of all kinds of steady and alternating fields (True-RMS). Very fast, integrated peak value store for measuring pulsed fields >= 0.1 msec. Measuring range up ... View full product description

Display     LCD 3-digit

Measurement Units     A/cm – Gauss(Oe)


Measuring ranges    DC: 0-20.000 A/cm (Gauss/Oe)

AC: 20-20.000 A/cm (Gauss/Oe)

Automatic range selection

Resolution      0-100 A/cm (Gauss): 0,1 A/cm (G)

> 100 A/cm (Gauss): 1 A/cm (G)

> 10.000 A/cm (Gauss): 0,1 kA/cm (kG)

Accuracy in homogeneous filed     DC/AC – 0-2000 kA/m + 2%

AC frequency range (AC=RMS)    10 Hz – 5 kHz

Peak hold       Impuls duration >=0.1msec

Power supply     2 x 1,5V AA Mignon

alternatively 2 x 1,2V AA rechargeable accumulators

Operating time    Appr.  80 hrs

Measuring probes    Р-А2 axial, Р-Т2 tangential, Р-Z2 flexible reed

Dimensions     105 х 65 х 26 mm

Weight     137 g (with batteries)

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