MB 100 W.3 extended control (arrangement above door)

The MB 100W.3 extended control (arrangement above door) Emergency Safety Shower / Body Shower or Drench Shower / Deluge Shower suitable for Wall mounting and Indoor use with extra pipe piece after the operation valve and wall mounting bracket. The advantage of this system is that the Shower head can... View full product description
  • water connection: 1” BSP Female
  • water pressure 2 bar
  • water supply: 60 or 80 liter per minute
  • manual operation, color: different colors
  • material: galvanized steel (possible with coating), Stainless Steel, brass, plastic
  • wall mounting plate (2 pieces) Ø 80 mm with 3 mounting holes ( Ø 10 mm).
  • meets the following standards: CE EN 15154 & ANSI Z 358.1

All product options

  • foot pedal
  • proximity switch
  • automatic flushing unit
  • cabin / booth
  • flow regulator
  • filters
  • light
  • sign
  • hand shower
  • heater
  • Y-strainer filter
  • mixing valve
  • panel type foot control
  • more options on request
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