MB 24 Mobile Safety Shower & Eyebath Frost-protected (basic)

The MB 24 mobile Combination Emergency Safety Shower / Body Shower or Drench Shower / Deluge Shower including Eyebath / Face Wash Fountain on a trailer is easy to transport  (also on the public road) with a car. The content of the tank is 1500 liter, but other contents are feasible. The water suppl... View full product description

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  • content 1500 liter
  • material: glass reinforced plastic
  • including sign
  • dimensions 1800x3700x2000 (+ 500 mm with upper part of Body Shower) mm (WxLxH)
  • empty weight 500 kg
  • full weight 2000 kg
  • pump (electrical or air-driven)
  • trailer
  • meets the following standards: CE EN 15154  & ANSI Z 358.1

All product options

  • sign
  • conditioning products
  • different shower heads possible
  • Heater Frost protection possibility
  • light
  • cabin
  • hand held Eyebath
  • double (two) diffusers
  • black rubber eye cup with hinged dust cover (including sign)
  • Frost Protected
  • Flame Proof / ATEX
  • different content Tank is possible
  • A wide variety of possible pumps.
  • etc…
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