Mini-Rigid Borescopes

To facilitate visual inspection of minor components, products and units, borescopes with reduced diameters have been developed which are equipped with the excellent "High-Speed" rod lens system made by HSW. They are characterised by an excellent image reproduction, both in the centre and the periphe... View full product description
  • Jacket tube, shank and fibre-optic light guide entry piece made of stainless steel
  • Fibre-optic light guide entry piece holder with light condenser, i.e. the light intensity output at the tip is increased by 30 %
  • Adaptable, fibre-optic light guide entry piece (ACM, Wolf). The adapters allow connection of many other makes
  • DIN ISO eyepiece: 32 mm. This enables easy connection
  • of accessories, such as cameras of most of manufacturers
  • Three-tube design for the Ø 1.9 mm and 2.7 mm devices. Objective lenses protected by three stainless steel tubes (outer, inner and optical tube). Easy repair and robust design. For devices up to Ø 1.7 mm two stainless steel tubes.
  • High bending resistance
  • HSW rod lens system. Excellent image brightness and very high resolution.
  • Large focus depth: 1 mm until infinity
  • Large field of view
  • The instrument is resistant to fuels, oil and other conventional  
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