Surface rescue suit

Suitable for Operation in surface water with limited depth. This suit is made of strong PVC material with water tight seams. The Surface rescue suit is adequate for life-saving work / emergency services (fire brigade, police, etc.) in low standing water.The suits are user friendly to work with and d... View full product description
  • hood which can be applied over a Gallet helmet
  • wide entry
  • liquid (diving) cuff / seal
  • fixed sealed (safety) boots S5 quality, in various sizes
  • freedom of movement in the suit
  • can be easily rinsed clean

All product options

  • materials
    - black antistatic PVC
    - normal yellow PVC
    - tri - laminate (wetsuit) material
    - or other material
  • neck seal (dive seal)
  • seal for full face mask integrated into the hood
  • liquid tight zipper or normal Nylon zipper with flap over
  • (diving) shoes sealed to the suit
  • suit is also available with reinforcements on knees and elbows
  • dimensions of the suit is standard: S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL
  • boot sizes EU 37 t/m 47, other sizes on request
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