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MB 300/50 SingleMB 300/50 SingleMB 300/50 SingleMB 300/50 Single

MB 300/50 Single

The MB 300/50 Emergency Safety Shower / Body Shower or Drench Shower / Deluge Shower suitable for (tropical) outdoor use, resistant to high temperatures (solar radiation) by means of the self draining principle. This model has a 1¼” or 1" BSP standpipe and floor mounting plate and is combined with the MB 50 Eyebath / Face Wash Fountain which has an “unbreakable” ABS bowl and hinged lid (including sign). The lid is at the same time the operation of the Eyebath (pull forwards down and the water starts running). When the lid is pushed back and closed the eyebath stops automatically. Because of this hinged lid the Eyebath remains clean and hygienic. The Eyebath has diffusers optional supplemented with black rubber eye cups. These diffusers give a gentle aerated soft spray pattern which feels pleasant for the eyes.
Standard we have a bottom water inlet, but this can be changed to any position you require, in case we install a 3 - way valve (model MB 350 series). Special Shower head (spray angle 60° and gives rotation to the water) for an effective and efficient operation. This Safety Shower (standpipe), Eyebath drains completely empty after usage, this will prevent unacceptable temperature in the standpipe by solar heating.
This model comes standard with a draining valve. The separate operation of the Eyebath is done by foot treadle. The accessing direction of the Body Shower and Eyebath as well as their operation will be rotated 90°, 180° of 270° from each other. As an option the operation can also be done by a panel type foot control. Minimum water pressure is 2 bar. 
  • Water connection: 1¼” or 1" BSP Female or different on your request
  • water pressure 2 bar
  • Body Shower water supply: 60 or 80 liter per minute
  • Eyebath water supply: 12 liter per minute
  • foot operation
  • bottom of standpipe can be water supply or drain
  • color: different colors
  • material: galvanized steel (possible with coating), Stainless Steel, brass, plastic
  • loor mounting plate 230x230 mm, holes 4xø15 mm H.t.H. 180 mm
  • meets the following standards: CE EN 15154 & ANSI Z 358.1
Extra options: 
  • proximity switch
  • automatic flushing unit
  • cabin / booth
  • flow regulator
  • filters
  • light
  • sign
  • hand shower
  • black rubber eye cups
  • Y-strainer filter
  • mixing valve
  • extra hip / body nozzle
  • chiller
  • panel type foot control
  • drain sump
  • more options on request
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