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Matcon - MB 26 Mobile EyebathMB 26 Mobile EyebathMB 26 Mobile EyebathMB 26 Mobile EyebathMB 26 Mobile Eyebath

MB 26 Mobile Eyebath

The MB 26 mobile Eyebath is easy to move and easy to take with you. The system is under air pressure and guarantees a long-lasting good spaying pattern. The cylinder is made of Stainless Steel (including sign) and has a content of 20 liters. Due to different shower heads the duration can be 3 to 20 minutes (or longer).


This Eyebath has a single sprayer / diffuser with dustcovers. Optional supplemented with black rubber Eye cups with hinged dust covers (including sign). But can have also a double diffuser (two) in order to be able to spray both eyes. This diffuser gives a gentle aerated soft spray pattern which feels pleasant for the eyes. The operation will be done by means of the hand control on the handheld Eyebath. The system itself is easy to maintain and make ready for operational use (also air pressure).


Conditioning products are available in order to preserve the water and make it longer tenable. Additional a (frost free) cabinet can be delivered as well as an extra option in which the unit can be placed and is then suitable for outdoor use (frost protected). Also a trolley can be supplied as an extra option for easy transport. The system is also available for rental.


Click on the blue button to see unique and detailed 3d model of the MB 26.


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Click on the red button to view our instruction video in which we explain how the MB 26 is installed and used.

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  • content 20 liter
  • material: Stainless Steel
  • sign
  • dimensions ø 220 / 730 mm (H)
  • empty weight 5 kg
  • full weight 25 kg
  • air pressure 7 bar
  • meets the following standards: CE EN 15154  & ANSI Z 358.1
Extra options: 
  • sign
  • conditioning products
  • wall mounting bracket
  • different shower heads possible
  • frost free cabinet
  • trolley
  • black rubber eye cups with hinged dust covers (including sign)
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